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WiBRATE - Wireless, self-powered vibration monitoring and control for complex industrial systems

WiBRATE Concept

WiBRATE explores new paradigms for developing innovative strategies for wirelessly monitoring and controlling vibration using a network of intelligent embedded devices that power themselves using harvested vibration energy. The project contributes directly to strengthening the European market in several key sectors such as quality control systems, safety systems, wireless communication and industrial automation and control systems.

WiBRATE makes concrete progress beyond the state of the art in the following specific areas:

  • System-of-systems engineering (SoSE)
  • Real-time vibration analysis and control
  • Distributed and cooperative networked control strategies
  • Intelligent actuators
  • Robust, real-time wireless communication in harsh industrial environments
  • Vibration-based energy harvesting for sensing, control, actuation and communication

Project fact sheet: WiBRATE_FactSheet.pdf

Watch here the presentation video of the first iteration WiBRATE wireless sensor platform.





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